GIGI BLOKS are big building blocks for endless hours of fun for children!

A child’s imagination has no limits and now with these big blocks, there is no need to scale down playtime! 


Across the world, from US to the UK, small hands are creating big ideas with GIGI BLOKS!

7 million blocks sold worldwide!

GIGI BLOKS have been recognised and have received awards from around the world! We started with a small idea to create big fun, so these awards and the recognition are amazing and mean such a lot to us.

Award Winning

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Progressive Preschool Awards 2016 Finalist
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GIGI BLOKS are the world's first sustainable, recyclable, real sized building blocks for children


Creative Play

Most child development experts agree that building blocks are one of the best toys for Creative Play. Creative play is considered essential for the development of our children’s social, cognitive and emotional development. It helps children to understand the world around them and how they fit into it. Imaginative role play lets children explore scenarios and experiences from their world and apply them through play - just like you did when you wore mum’s shoes or dad’s coat.
GIGI BLOKS will help to develop:
• Spatial Awareness
• Creative Problem-Solving Skills
• Communication & Collaboration Skills
• Hand-Eye Coordination
• Fine Motor Skills
• An Interest in Maths & Science
• Basic Engineering Skills
• Cognitive Flexibility
• Confidence & Self-Esteem
• Imagination, Creativity & Curiosity


Step Away From The Screens

Digital technology has opened us up to a world of online learning, social interaction, fun and games. But what cannot be effectively conveyed online is real, hands on play. Children (and adults) learn from doing!

Think, as a child, what was your favourite game?

Did you fight off imaginary dragons? Entertain your toys with a tea party? Were you a superhero righting wrongs? Did you build a den with blankets and the cushions from the sofa? Or did you share your world with an imaginary friend?

Imagination plays a big part in a child’s development, now you can set the scene with GIGI BLOKS. Build a den to defend, build a dragon to slay, build a child sized house, castle walls, submarine, bus, train, tea table, lion, dogs, cats…. Build your world!

Bigger blocks = bigger fun!

400 times bigger than traditional plastic building blocks

Bigger blocks Bigger fun!

These blocks are interlinking, meaning, you can build something with them that won't topple over when you bump into it.


Strong Building Blocks

Because of the innovative interlocking system, GIG BLOKS are strong and will easily bear a child (and even an adult’s) weight. Just make sure you evenly distribute the weight by covering the blocks with a flat surface. Certified average weight is 59 lb. (27kg) for an XXL block and 53 lb. (24kg) for the XL version.

What Size Fun?

GIGI BLOKS come in 2 sizes:

XL and XXL.
The XL Blocks measure approx. W: 135mm D: 65mm H: 84mm
The XXL Blocks measure approx. W: 195mm D: 98mm H: 125mm

Both sizes are suitable for ages 3+


With GIGI BLOKS even tidy up time is fun! Gigi BLOKS can be stacked and stored as a tower, or you can make the blocks into a toy box!

When playing with them, these blocks are a BIG toy. Stepping away from the fun for a moment and thinking practically, you are probably wondering where they going to go when not in use. The great news is the footprint of these blocks can be rather small. Find a nook or cranny, next to the wardrobe or chest of drawers and stack the blocks in towers. Or you can use the blocks as a toy box, simply build a hollow square or rectangle and fill with toys.

Problem solved – now back to the fun!

A Message from our Creator and Chief Builder

I created GIGI BLOKS because I felt there was something missing from my daughter’s playtime. I asked myself, "What did I have the MOST fun doing as a kid?" And almost all my memories were of specific situations where I would play for hours using my imagination. I'd play house and serve tea to my dolls and stuffed animals. I'd build secret little forts out of pillows and blankets and hide under them. I'd play "lava" where I couldn't step on certain parts of the floor or else I'd fall into the lava. It was fun. It was memorable. And I believe it was essential.
Whilst there were plenty of small blocks on the market, there was nothing big enough, that was affordable, to build the life-sized adventures I wanted her to have. And so, the idea for GIGI BLOKS was born…

I spent months researching materials and studying how children play and developed an INNOVATIVE interlocking system that would allow little architects to safely create awesome skyscrapers!
The blocks are easy to handle and easy to connect. They are strong enough to withstand play and light enough to be safe for children.
Now we have sold over 7 Million Blocks worldwide and have wonderful stories to share!
Every time I see a child play with GIGI BLOKS for the first time my eyes light up. They have so much fun. And why wouldn't they? They get to build their own house, next week it might be a tower, then a spaceship, a castle and anything else they like, for THEMSELVES!
Once children are set with an idea of what they want to achieve they are completely lost in bringing their imagined story to the life. They build, they change outfits, they become the heroes of their own stories. And tomorrow, it will be different story! And so, it soon becomes a book of memories with hundreds of stories.

Ilona Viluma

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