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Why Cardboard Building Blocks Are to Go for?

We have talked about the benefits of building blocks as a toy numerous times. Though, if you still have some doubts whether this is the best toy for you - here are some more reasons why we think that GIGI Bloks (and cardboard building blocks in general) is the toy TO GO FOR!

1.  They are safe

Of course, one should not try climbing on them, as they are just cardboard blocks and each block weights only X g, but otherwise they are so safe that parents can relax and just let kids enjoy their playtime. If the object that is built falls - there is zero risk that it could harm the child..if a child throws the block at something (or somebody) - it will also not be damaging or painful.. How many toys can provide this much safety? :)

2. They are diverse

There are hundreds of things that can be built from GIGI building blocks, as well as hundreds of other activities that don't even include building! Follow GIGI blog and you will eventually see all of them! 

A bird, a cat, a car, a dragon, a ship, a house, a vigvam...the possiblities are endless!


3. They are creative

Only the fact that one can build a playhouse or a dragon in multiple ways already proves that with GIGI your imagination and creativity is the one setting the rules… everybody sees things differently and while building with GIGI Bloks - it can be observed the best! If you give 2 or 3 children a task to build the same thing, we can almost guarantee you that each of them will do it differently and will come up with something distinctive! Try! :)

4. They are light

Each GIGI giant block weights about 46 grams. That for sure is a weight that every child can lift and play with. No need to be a power lifter :)

5. You can decorate them as you please 

We intentionally left the natural color for the cardboard blocks, because it inspires kids to see things in their own way. No color codes make them think what they can build and what not to. Even more, if kids desire - they can decorate blocks as they please!

6. They teach responsibility

These blocks will surely break if the kid jumps or applies pressure on them. So lets think - what if a child had a toy that needed more care and responsibility than a hard to break plastic toy? We are quite sure that he would benefit from knowing this ;) 

7. They are eco-friendly

In production we use a natural material, which makes this an environmentally friendly toy. Why? Because we believe that we are in sync with the world around us and we must teach our children to be responsible about nature and environment! 

8. Neutral design

Their design is neutral 

The design will fit in every kid's room interior and these blocks themselves can be used as an interior element - a wall, a pin board, a night stand, table or chair - all these things can be built from GIGI Bloks so becoming a part of the room's interior.

If you also love GIGI building blocks and can add some more reasons - feel free to drop you opinion in the comments section below! :)




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