Does your toddler like building houses using your pillows, blankets, boxes or chairs? Are you sick and tired of having to wash your pillows and blankets every other day? Do you want to help your toddler discover the sheer fun of building his/her own REAL-SIZE easy DIY HOUSE or HOUSE BED?

Introducing The GIGI Bloks XXL Jumbo Play House Building Blocks Set For Children!

Our award-winning house set is here to help you and your little one build the most EPIC play house OR house bed without having to buy any extra parts! Our all-inclusive building blocks set will allow your little engineer to build and customize the house of his/her dreams and then actually PLAY, LIVE or SLEEP in it!

Building Is Indeed Part Of The Fun!

Unlike all those plastic, wooden or fabric play house sets that come with a boring, ready-made house for your kids, the GIGI Bloks house set will put your kids in the middle of all the building action and allow your baby boy/baby girl to become a part of the fun! 

AND THE BEST PART? You will be able to build the most amazing HOUSE or HOUSE BED without having to buy anything extra! 

Here’s What You Get: 

  • 171 x Double Unit Blocks
  • 12 x Single Unit Blocks
  • 20 x Triangle Unit Blocks 
  • 8 x Roof Beams
  • Fabric For Your Rooftop Cover

Create The Most Awesome House For Your Kids – And Not Just A House! 

Unleash your imagination and build the most EPIC real-size Houses, Montessori House-Beds, Playhouses, Castles, Forts, Towers, Places or anything else you like! And you don’t have to spend money on a single playhouse for your kids. Our house set will offer you hundreds of different houses, animals, play shops, play kitchens, race cars and many more for the price of just one!

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EAN: 4751023090184

100% Peace of Mind Guarantee

Now you can get your GIGI BLOKS building set 100% risk free! We are so confident you will love your sturdy, smart and ultra-fun interlocking cardboard blocks set we are backing it with a bulletproof money back guarantee! If you are not 100% thrilled with your GIGI BLOKS, we will offer you a prompt and full refund!   

Easy to assemble – take a look at our handy video guide.

What Size Fun?

GIGI BLOKS come in 2 sizes: XL and XXL.
The XL Blocks measure approx. W: 135mm D: 65mm H: 84mm
The XXL Blocks measure approx. W: 195mm D: 98mm H: 125mm
Both sizes are suitable for ages 3+

Responsible Fun!

GIGI BLOKS are made from trees grown in sustainable plantations. We worked with designers and paper producers for more than a year to find the best cardboard for our blocks. We wanted a sustainable and user-friendly product that would be of the right density and firmness.

Our cardboard is made from finished, unbleached soft wood pulp with no recovered paper added. Even the glue used in our cardboard production is organic and consists mainly of food grade wheat starch.

The safety of our product is confirmed  by the fact that it is certified for use in direct contact with any type of food.

Build your adventure

Where will you go today? Fancy a trip under water in a submarine? Perhaps a journey to the moon in a spaceship? How about visiting a princess in her castle? Or battling a ferocious dragon? Ride a lion or build a shop – there are hundreds of ways to encourage imaginative play, take a look through the GIGI BLOKS blogs and gallery for some amazing adventure ideas!


7 million blocks sold worldwide!

Across the world, from the US to the UK, small hands are creating big ideas with GIGI BLOKS!