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TOP 3 Questions About GIGI Bloks Answered

We love communicating with our dear clients, but there are some questions that we tend to receive again and again, which has lead us to think that maybe these things haven’t been explained well in our website or they are difficult to find... :) So lets check out the TOP 3 questions we have received in the last 6 months:


1. How long the delivery will take and what are the delivery options? Do you ship internationally?

We will deliver your order within 5 – 16 working days after we have received your payment. Delivery time depends on your country. If there is urgent matter, please add information in “Order Notes” at Checkout page.

All our parcels are delivered with the help of TNT or OMNIVA to your indicated address.

Sometimes there can be external factors that may delay the receipt of your package.

If you wish to order to countries not indicated in the address list, feel free to drop a line to our friendly staff


And here comes the list of countries we deliver to:

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Luxembourg, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, US

Delivery expenses depends on what you are ordering. You will see the price when indicate your delivery Country at Checkout page.


2. What is the difference between BIG and GIANT building blocks?

The only difference betwen these building blocks is the size. We offer two sizes:

In this recent blog post of ours you can read a bit more about which ones to choose for a specific purpose. We hope this helps a bit more :) If not, feel free to contact us and we will tell you more!


3. How many blocks do I need to build a ship/a dragon/a playhouse….?

This very much depends on how big you want it to be, so it is not that easy to answer. If you have subscribed to our inspirational e-mails every second week, you probably have already seen some ideas with tips, tricks and instructions of how to build certain objects.

However, we hope that our ideas of what to build will only inspire you to embark on new journeys of creative imaginative play, but will not define how something should be build! Let your imagination flow and we believe that the end result will definitely be great! We think that there cannot be too many building blocks for one child, while if there are too little - no worries you can always get more or use your imagination and let your creativity to invent something unique! Who has said that a ship has to be symmetrical or that a house always has to have a floor or 4 walls? Dare your creative spirit and have fun together! Find your OWN best way of how to build it! :)


Wait… You didn't find your question? Send it to us by e-mail ( or contact us on Facebook! We will be happy to help you out or simply to chat and get to know you! :)

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Is there anywhere in Australia we can purchase these. I tried to order but was advised shipping was excessive.


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