This Week Why Don't You Try Building a Summer House - GIGI TOYS

..a vigvam, lodge, or bunker to spend these fun summer days in!

Summer holidays are here! It means that it is time for adventures! And the greatest adventures happen in lodges, bunkers and vigvams that kids love to build. It is like their own little house.. a secret place where they are the ones dictating the rules. They can bring and keep some sweets, play games, pretend to be grownups with their own household… At the age of about 4 all kids go through a time when they start replicating grown-ups and this is an important time in their development that should be supported somehow. We might see it as only their little play world, but for them it is their own reality, so it is no wonder that when they wake up, all that they want to do is to go outside to play in their own little house. 


Make it safe for them and give BIG, but SAFE building blocks to build it from! :)

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