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GIGI Bloks - Approved by Montessori Kids

When our kindergarten was offered a chance to use the blocks I was skeptical about them – how long will they last? I must say that my doubt had no real reason because the blocks are being used daily for months and still no harm has been done. The blocks are used by children of all ages and they adore playing with them.  The two year old's just like stacking them on one and other to build walls or towers. The older kids build playhouses, castles and stages by using them to play out all kinds of situations. To build something amazing you can use both imagination and logic. You don’t have to worry that a wall you just build might collapse and hurt someone because the blocks are light and have no sharp edges. I am happy that someone has found great use for this ecological material.

We love it!

Montesori kids evolution center "Darbīgās rociņas" supervisor, Ingūna Mikuda

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