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Every Child dreams about building their own house

As a child, I loved to build blanket and pillow playhouses.

Little did I know - my mom was the one who was stuck washing all the blankets afterwards.

Everything got dirty from the broom that I put in the middle of my castle to hold it all up.

"You know what I'm talking about."

When my daughter Alice started to do the same, I realized we need a better solution for that.

That’s when the idea about GIGI Bloks was born.

There are thousand and one different big and small house types for grownups. And that is what children want as well. They want their vision to come alive. And GIGI Bloks is a perfect building material for that.

That’s why it was created in the first place.

It is so natural for children to create their own space.

What is happening behind building your own house?

It is the practice of life.

Children have soaked up what they see around, how their parents live.

And they want to start practicing living as well. In a way copying what they see, but tailored to their individuality.

So no matter what, there will be a faze in their life, when they have huge blanket houses. Or GIGI houses.

There is a number of options what and how you can build. Decorate. Put a roof. Make it your own.

Build your own DIY house and share it on Instagram. Building process, the kid playing in houses, decorating. Whatever feels right to you.

And add #GIGIBuild.

Every month we pick a winner who will get extra set of 100 XXL building blocks.

Major big castle or house (about 200 blocks)





 Your own space with 100 Building Blocks



Get Creative with 60 building blocks


 And create something spectacular even with 96 XL blocks.

You can even build a huge house with little small houses on each block.

A little-known secret

If you are here... at the end. A little-known secret, how to build double blocks with what you already have is here. 


Enjoy your building!


Founder of GIGI Bloks


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