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Emotional Benefits From Playing With Building Blocks

When a child has reached the age of 1, playing as a whole takes an extremely important part in his/her life. One of the things we can observe in our kids when they are playing (at all ages) is the wide range of emotions that it can bring! Children are happy, joyful, energised, motivated, inspired, and so on and so on. Judging from how eager children usually are to have some time to play, we can see that children crave this spectrum of emotions – otherwise they wouldn’t do it, would they?

Imagine the feeling, when the kid builds a tall, tall tower and is waiting to see when, after which block it will start falling apart… While grownups might get upset, children usually start giggling when they see that they have the power to influence something so big as the tower is!

And yes, really, playing with building blocks can offer a wide range of emotions that comes together with an increase of self esteem, feeling of accomplishment and competence – hey, look, I could build this amazing house to play in or this big horse I can actually sit on! With my own little hands!

With the increase of self-esteem the child will increase also the ability to meet new situations with resourcefulness, it will provide ability to sustain interest and overcome frustration, and of course it will teach consciousness of self-control, as most of the projects will require some patience.

Additionally, if the child feels appreciation from his/her parents, it will increase the joy and skill in discovery, that will be extremely important in the future development. So don’t just stand there watching – go on and say good, appreciative words, be amazed by your kid’s accomplishments and he will learn to love new challenges, as they will associate with positive emotions and experiences. Give some guidance, help him/her, if needed – do whatever is necessary in order to make sure that you child doesn’t loose the eagerness to play!

You still haven’t tried offering your kind building blocks? Don’t keep your kid away from the chance to experience the enormous load of joy that block play can offer – get GIGI BIG or GIANT building blocks today and let the joy and creativity flows!

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