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The Best Fort Building Kit 2022

The Best Fort Building Kit 2022

Building forts and various other things is a great amount of fun for children, but it sometimes can’t be as much fun for the parents. I can tell from my experience, that when back in the day my little brother used to take different things at home to build what he wanted, it wasn’t always fun for my parents, because unfortunately a fort building kit wasn't in their vocabulary back then.

Stuff would usually go missing, it was especially tough if you needed to do something but the tools were nowhere to be found or they were already being used for something else.

All this can bring forth some stress, but what if I told you that there is a solution to this? In this blog post, I will guide you through the world of fort building kits for kids and how to find the best fort building kit for you.

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What is a fort building kit?

What is a fort building kit | GIGI Bloks

A fort building kit for kids is a kit that can generate a tremendous amount of fun for your child, while at the same time functioning as a tool for learning and improving creativity. Fort building kits can have various shapes, sizes and can be made from various materials, but in it's basics a fort building kit for kids is a preset kit that helps kids build their own forts, fortresses, castles, playhouses or anything else that a child can go into and have their own play space. It can also have different systems which help to keep the fort together.

What fort building kit types are out there?

Predetermined fort building kits

kids fort building kit predetermined | GIGI Bloks

Predetermined fort building kits are great and they may also be cheaper, but there is a downside to this. They only have one or two ways that they can be assembled. This means that there is a certain limit to what a child can accomplish with it. Of course, they’re still great fun, but a child might grow bored of it in a while since he or she has already seen the ultimate form it can take.

Freelance fort building kits

kids fort building kit freelance | GIGI Bloks

Moving onto freelance fort building kits, these are the polar opposite of the previously mentioned predetermined kits. The beauty of a freelance fort building kit is that it can be assembled in countless ways. Something new and unique can be built every time. They encourage  problem solving,  critical thinking, and  creativity.

To sum it up, this type of fort making kit is  versatile and  guarantees a unique result each time.

Top 10 fort building kits for kids

GIGI Bloks HOUSE set

fort building kit playhouse | GIGI Bloks

This is an indoor fort building kit made by GIGI Bloks. This one is a  combo of both  previously mentioned types fort kits, doesn’t that sound amazing? There are two predetermined ways a child can build a house, but if they want to build something else, it’s doable as well!


130 PCS fort building kit Playvibe

Modular fort building kit for kids | GIGI Bloks

This build a fort kit is a freelance type kit. It is made from durable non-toxic plastic which guarantees safety and durability. It’s a nice and colorful set that will be very stimulating for the child, bringing much enjoyment to playing and constructing. 


TOTE FORT portable blanket fort

best fort building kit for kids for outdoors | GIGI Bloks

Who doesn’t love compact things? If this is your main concern then this fort kit just might be the one for you! It is made of polyester and includes 3 blankets in red, blue, and yellow, as well as 3 anchor weights to hold the fort. This fort can be great for quickly building a playhouse, it can also function as a parasol for the kids when out in nature!


Peertoys glow-in-dark rod fort building kit

Modular glow in dark fort building kit for kids | GIGI Bloks

Another freelance kit, why not? This one is similar to the second one on the list but it has a bit of a twist. The rods that are included in the kit have more colors than the previously mentioned ones. Here’s the fun part - some of the rods also glow in the dark. I can't think of a child who wouldn’t love that!


AirFort inflatable fort

Inflatable kids fort building kit | GIGI Bloks

Switching it up here! This one is a predetermined fort making kit for kids. The way it works is super simple. It’s inflatable, so you only need to have a box fan and you’re ready to go. This fort is spacious, so there will be room for everybody. It is perfect if your kids are having a playover. Its durability and breathability are ensured and it’s approved for safety as well!


Blaster Boards creative fort kit

Fun fort building kit nerf | GIGI Bloks

This one is perfect for all the boys who love playing with NERF and other toy guns! Like almost every kit mentioned in this list, it is also a freelance type. The kids can build various forts, fortresses, bunkers, and everything else that can enhance their playing experience. The best part is, while these forts can be quite large they pack compactly. 


HearthSong 32 cardboard panel fort kit

Cardboard fort building kit | GIGI Bloks

A fun building kit with a rustic vibe. It’s made from cardboard, but a built fort looks like a nice wooden cottage for kids! 


Orian princess playhouse

Fort building kit for girls | GIGI Bloks

Back to predetermined kits! Does your daughter love fairytales or Disney princesses? This tent will make her feel like a real princess! It’s certified for child safety, easy to clean, and also has LED star lights, what more can you possibly want?


Teepee tent for kids

Indoor fort building kit for toddlers | GIGI Bloks

Nothing like a trip to a safari, am I right? With this wildlife-themed playhouse, your child can have a safari visit right at home. The tent also includes a projector with 3 image slide discs which in total have 24 images. This tent is made for toddlers and 3 kids can fit inside it. Your child can have friends over and feel like they’re in the Savanna while playing in this tent!


Funphix construction play structures

Easy to clean fort building set | GIGI Bloks

Concluding this TOP 10 list with another freelance-type kit! Like others before, this one is also very colorful and allows kids to construct whatever they want. The good thing about this particular kit is that it has a lot of pieces so it’s more than possible to create something big. The kit is also backed by a 2-year warranty. 


What to look out for when choosing a build a fort kit?

What is the best fort building kit for kids | GIGI Bloks

Now that we have taken a look at the top fort building kits, it’s time to consider what you should look out for when choosing which kit/set to buy. There are a couple of factors that go into this. 

Do you want the fort kit for indoor or outdoor play?

If you’re looking for an indoor fort building kit, any material is good, in which case you should give a thought to what both you and your child would want. If your child is more interested in constructing, then a freelance-type building set is the way to go. 

On the contrary, if you are looking for a kit that’s meant for outdoor play, it can get a little trickier. Since bringing the kit outdoors means that it’s bound to get dirty sometime, you should pay attention to the kind of material the fort making kit is made of. You should think about how easily the kit can get dirty as well as what type of kit would be easiest to clean and maintain.

How many kids are going to be playing with it or in it?

Most fort building sets can accommodate 1-3 kids. Of course, if you want the kit to be able to accommodate more children you can always buy extra, in which case you will also have more pieces to play with if it is a freelance-type kit, for example. 

These are just some of the factors that go into making sure you get  the best for your money.

Check the materials used

Fort making kit materials | GIGI Bloks

The material that the kit is made from says a lot. Not only about the durability, but also about how easy it could be to maintain and clean it and more…

Materials impact the durability of the fort building kit for kids

One of the first things you should look at when shopping for a kids' build a fort set is the material, and how durable it is. When thinking about a fort’s durability you should take into account your child’s age. 

Certain kits are made for certain ages, which means you should probably stick in the age category of your child. The manufacturers of these forts have a pretty good estimate about the ability of children being able to destroy things, so I’d recommend you to choose a fort that suits your child’s age.

Materials impact the total size of the fort that can be made from kids fort building kit

Another important factor is to think about how the material is going to impact the total size of the fort. You should think about what approximate size you want the fort to be. Afterward you should look at the material as well as the measurements of the fort. 

Compare the price with other make a fort kits

Build a fort kit cost | GIGI Bloks
One thing that you can't forget about is the price. You should pay close attention to the metrics of each kit that you intend to buy and do a thorough comparison to make sense of which one is the one that you need.

 The price range for a fort making kit is starting from 25 USD  up to 300 USD.

But we advise build a fort kits that start from 150 USD, because these sets prove to be more durable, long lasting and they tend to have more interesting features.

Look at the alternatives of a certain product, check and compare their price, as well as their specifics such as measurements, etc. 

Does the make a fort kit have any special features?

Look if the fort has any special features because children love that. For example, the kit in the TOP 10 list with rods that glow in the dark or the projector with image slide discs. You should also check what system holds the fort together. 

Still not convinced about why you should buy your child a fort kit?

How to choose the best fort building kit for kids | GIGI Bloks

If you’ve stuck around this long, you probably know quite a lot about fort kits. A lot of information has been laid out, but what if you’re still not convinced?

What are the benefits of buying your child a build a fort kit?

  • Develops cognitive abilities
  • Teaches independence
  • Improves creativity
  • Functions as kids own private little space
  • Teaches about geometry, engineering, etc.

What are the drawbacks of not having a proper fort building kit for kids?

  • A child’s creativity might not flourish
  • It might not be suited for your needs
  • It might not be suited for your child (age, kit type, etc.)

In conclusion

This is the best fort building kit | GIGI Bloks

During this blog post, we have taken a look at various kids fort kits. Each has its pros and cons. In the end, it all boils down to what are your needs. If you want a simple  playhouse it’s better to go for a predetermined type kit, but if you want your child to have fun constructing then a freelance type kit is the way to go. If you’re looking for a freelance type kit the best ones’ are included in the list.

I personally like a couple of these sets, the set with the colorful blankets is great for usage outside in nature or even the back garden. The make a fort kit with the glowing rods could also be a source of great fun and excitement. Although my personal favorite is the build a fort kit from GIGI Bloks. Purely, because I’ve seen how much it brings fun to kids. My little brother also got a GIGI Bloks set, and he loved it! Their  big building blocks have a LEGO-like interlock system which makes them hold the fort together really well.

If you  are interested in finding out about more about LEGO lookalike toys, then check out our post on  LEGO alternatives.

Anyways, whichever one you choose, is bound to bring much fun to your child. Remember that the best fort building kit for kids can also be a fort building kit for adults! Think about all the great time that you as a parent can spend with your child, watching them  learn and  having fun at the same time!


And remember:

Dream BIG!

Build BIG!


Written by: Pauls Paeglis

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