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The Best LEGO Alternatives

There is no doubt that LEGO is one of the world's most popular toy companies and that is for a good reason, but did you know that  there are a handful of LEGO alternatives that are also worth checking out that do things a little differently than LEGO. LEGO’s are loved by both children and adults, because they allow them to be as creative as they like, and it is just natural that the competition can become inevitable once you get to such a level of achievement. 

We see and admire how the brand keeps developing and introducing new toys that are really helpful for our children. With the competition, many firms and brands have attempted to compete with LEGO, but sadly many are merely cheap knockoffs of the genuine thing. So it becomes hard for parents to go for other LEGO substitutes that really have a potential to be equally helpful to their children’s learning and entertainment. 

Why Do People Seek Out to Buy LEGO Alternatives?

One of the most compelling reasons for many people to choose to buy LEGO alternatives or knockoffs is  the cost. When it comes to LEGO sets, they may be pricey, so if you are on a tight budget, your options are restricted. Other brands may be able to provide you with more parts and larger creations for a lower price than LEGO. Another important reason to choose a knockoff is to have more fun LEGO alternatives.

But What Makes LEGOs So Great? 

Great LEGO Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

Because of the  vast range of creativity and entertainment they provide for both children and adults as well they are loved everywhere. Your child may have a good range of options while playing with LEGO toys from train set Lego, Star Wars LEGO, LEGO buildings, LEGO airplanes and so much more. 

You could just simply provide your child with a bucket full of LEGO toys and he/she will spend hours playing and building with these colorful blocks. Plus it helps your child develop fine motor skills, problem-solving, creativity, and patience. So it is really easy to conclude as to why LEGO toys are equally famous among children and adults.   

Why People Always Tend to Choose LEGO Toys for Their Children?

Well, there is no denying the fact that LEGO toys are both entertaining and fun and educational at the same time. I can give you an example of why these LEGO toys are so popular. It is seen that not only children enjoy playing with these toys but their parents also find it irresistible to enjoy the fun of building various structures with such unique blocks while spending a fun time with their children.  

Top 10 Lego Alternatives

Because LEGO blocks are more highly-priced, building a collection may be costly. But the good news is that there are a variety of low-cost great LEGO alternatives that can teach and delight just as well as LEGOs. So  if you are looking for low-cost building materials, we have gathered a list of the top 10 LEGO alternatives to opt for and have a range of other unique options for building toys for your children.  

Our top picks for the finest LEGO substitutes for kids are listed below.  


Big LEGO Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

GIGI BLOKS are composed of hard, durable cardboard and, like any other paper-based product, may be used as a blank canvas for creation and can be the best alternative to your LEGO purchases. You can either color them, paint them, put chalk on them, and when your child is through, they can again turn them inside out and begin again with a new experience.

These big building blocks will help your child to build child-sized castles, fortresses, towers, spacecraft, race cars, stores, tea rooms, buses, lions, cats, dogs, and even dragons to let your children's imaginations run wild. These blocks have easy to follow instructions and access to several different creative design ideas. 

Click here to get your children endless hours of fun and hundreds of building possibilities!

Mega Bloks Let's Get Learning

Plastic LEGO Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

This 150-piece learning-themed playset is  made up of printed-decorated construction blocks. This Mega Bloks set is constructed of plastic and is suitable for children aged 1 to 5. While playing with these construction blocks, your youngster may learn counting and math by using numbers and pictograms. They may also match things to corresponding forms to learn shapes and colors in a spectrum of hues. As a result, this kit is an excellent LEGO substitute for you to purchase for your child.

Circuit Cubes Gears Go Garage Kit

Smart LEGO Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

There are over 200 parts in total, including moving and connecting pieces such as gears, tires, treads, and shafts, as well as an assortment of 6 Circuit Cubes, added in this kit. The various Cubes let you add power, light, motion, and control to your constructions. The kit offers step-by-step instructions for constructing 16 distinct cars.

These Circuit Cubes kits will entice your young scientists, engineers, makers, and innovators to experiment and create and would be proved the best LEGO alternative. These kits also give hours of entertainment and unlimited play while also assisting children in developing their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. 

This kit teaches pre-teens the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and circuitry while pushing their imagination and creativity via the construction of several vehicles ranging from simple to complicated. Circuit Cubes kits, designed by STEM instructors, can make excellent gifts for creative, inquisitive children who like building and aspire to more advanced projects.

Veatree 160 Pcs Magnetic Building Sticks Blocks Toys

Magnet LEGO Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

This kit may be the ideal educational LEGO replacement toy for your kids. This magnetic construction play kit is composed of odorless, environmentally safe PP plastic. It has been particularly built to endure rough play and long-term use. This 160-piece toy set trains your child's graphic cognition while also stimulating their spatial thinking and hand-eye coordination. 

It not only offers creative ideas for your children to improve their capacity to differentiate colors, but also increase their creativity and imagination, and build their brain thinking ability. This toy set may be a good educational tool for youngsters as well as a terrific stress release for adults and at the same time, it can also be an excellent play set for establishing a great bond with your children.

Lincoln Logs –100th Anniversary Tin-111 Pieces-Real Wood Logs

Wooden Lego Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

This 100th Anniversary Tin, inspired by one of the early LINCOLN LOGS structures, the Meeting House, will stir memories in older generations while bringing joy to youngsters. The handbook includes three construction ideas, a big tower, two little cottages with a bonfire, and a huge cabin, and children can use these directions as a starting point or mix and match to create their own constructions. 

And the set contains 111 pieces crafted of genuine, high-quality maple wood with each featuring indentations that can be used to link it to the others. Roof, roof facade, walls, chimney, porch, fences, campfire, and bonfire seats are all included in this set offering a good and fun Lego alternative.

This set's collectible tin can hold all of the components. The features simplify clean-up by allowing parents to store everything in one container, keeping living rooms and children's play areas tidy and orderly. After playtime, the covered tin may be stored for safekeeping.

ETI Toys, STEM Learning, 172 Piece Original Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set

Interesting LEGO Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

Because your child deserves a more productive hobby than video games, phones, and tablets, these STEM-enhanced Engineering Blocks are designed to  help your child develop his/her science, technology, engineering, and math abilities. You may push your children to create imaginative creations such as trucks, transformers, helicopters, robots, and much more. For boys and girls aged 3 to 6 years and older, this kit is meant to encourage your child's creativity as they grow.

This 101-piece gift idea set will help youngsters develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity while keeping them engaged for hours, resulting in extra time for mom and dad. It will not only help your child's logical thinking and problem-solving skills, but it will also open up your child's creativity to limitless possibilities.

Engineering blocks are designed to inspire youngsters to work together as a team to construct incredible inventions from an early age and come with two dual-purpose clicking wrenches to assist foster interactive play. STEM Engineering blocks are machine washable and come with their own transportable storage tub. Each package also comes with a special 80-page step-by-step instructional eBook with 12 various toy designs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Plus-Plus - Open Play Set

Unconventional LEGO Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

This Plus-Plus open playset allows youngsters to engage in free exploratory play while also encouraging fine motor skills, logic, creativity, and imagination without the use of screens.  Half engineering, part art, a little math, and a lot of fun! (How cool is that?) 

Also, this open play kit contains 3,600 basic mix pieces in a reusable storage tub for simple cleanup, as well as an idea guide booklet to stimulate creativity.

Magicbutton Building Stacking Block Puzzle Toys

LEGO Alternatives For Girls | GIGI Bloks

These building block puzzle toys and button buckle toys bring out the creative skills of children at school and help them in exploring their creativity through play and experimentation. They can also be useful for children to put down their phones and to have great fun in the garden or backyard of your home when there is a party of grown-ups going on in the house. They can also be useful in teaching the children how to help each other and to make their own name gifts for birthday or Christmas gifts. 

Magnetblox | Magnetic Soft Building Blocks for Kids

Weird LEGO Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

MagnetBlox is a life-size construction toy that  allows youngsters to express themselves by creating and constructing their own games. And so who would not want their children to play with toys that encourage them to be creative, right? And the MagnetBlox allows children to apply practical skills and real-world applications while learning and having fun.

Communication and social skills and norms, patience and tenacity, collaboration, and a sense of belonging with a sense of give and take are some of the key benefits of active play, and MagnetBlox brings youngsters together to work as a group. So this building blocks set can be a perfect opportunity for you to avail of your kid as a LEGO substitute.  

Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 Electronics Exploration Kit

Educational LEGO Alternatives | GIGI Bloks

This kit is for youngsters aged 8 and above, and it contains 76 elements that may be used to create over 500 experiments. Snap wires, slide switches, resistors, an FM radio module, and a 7-segment LED display are included in this package, which allows your child to do a variety of experiments such as a digital voice recorder, AM radio, digitally tuned FM radio, AC generator, screaming fan, whistle switch, and more.


Pros and Cons of LEGOs and LEGO Alternatives

Why Should You Stick to LEGO’s?

Because LEGO Toys are brick-shaped, they attempt to appeal to the user's senses in a way that inspires them to think imaginatively about how to put these bricks together to make something.  The goal is to think logically while creating. The following are some of the key aims that LEGOs achieve.

  • They are helpful in developing the fine motor skills of your child. 
  • They tend to enhance creativity in your kid. 
  • They could be useful in building children’s confidence. 
  • These toys also help in developing problem-solving skills. 
  • They can also be used as an opportunity to try new skills. 

But What Problems Do Legos have and Why should you ditch LEGO’s?

Do they really have any?Apart from the fact that the house would be littered with hundreds of little plastic bricks, we don't believe there are any disadvantages to LEGO toys. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind while introducing LEGOs to your child:

  • Always be there when your youngster is playing with LEGOs. If the youngster is under the age of three, there may be a choking hazard.
  • Always ensure that the product is of high quality and genuine. Hundreds of low-cost, low-quality LEGO replicas are available on the market. These are not constructed with the same materials or to the same high-quality standards as genuine LEGO Toys. Plastic that is of poor quality can be dangerous to children, and components that are of poor quality may not fit together.



So, there you go! You always will have many options to choose the best LEGO alternatives for your children with cheap cost and more variety to opt for and give your kids a big surprise on their birthdays or any other special occasion.

Though our top pick is the 100XXL giant building blocks from GIGI Bloks, because of their versatility, BIG size and the endless hours of fun that they bring.

So what are you waiting for? Click here and get your children the BIGGEST FUN they have ever had!



And as always:

Dream BIG!

Build BIG!

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13 June, 2022


Lego could be called Legos as a plural form @Jim. It’s a proper noun like your last name. If your family attends a party, your group could be called Deanes, together with the Smiths and Lincolns.

13 June, 2022


Lego could be called Legos as a plural form @Jim. It’s a proper noun like your last name. If your family attends a party, your group could be called Deanes, together with the Smiths and Lincolns.

13 April, 2022

Jim Deane

In the name of all things holy there is no such word as “Legos”!!!

The plural form of Lego is Lego, like sheep, fish, aircraft, bison, deer, etc., etc.

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