Here is how you can get 100% FREE - an extra set of GIGI blocks, 100XXL


If you are anything like most other parents, I bet you feel proud and like to capture those precious moments when your kid has build something amazing, on camera!

So... how to get an extra set of 100XXL building blocks.

1. If you have some pictures of your own, you are already halfway to getting an extra set of 100 XXL building blocks.

2. Upload the picture of your child playing with GIGI Bloks on Instagram and use the hashtag #GIGIBuild.

I will be happy to send you an extra set if you win.

We do it every month!

PARTICIPATE in COMPETITION #GIGIBuild as many times you like.

Take a look at these pictures on Instagram. Click here, if you don't see pictures.

Yours sincerely - Ilona