The idea for GIGI BOKS came from our “Chief Builder”, Ilona Viluma. When her daughter was 5 years old Ilona realised something was missing from playtime… Imagination!

I created GIGI BLOKS because I felt there was something missing from my daughter’s playtime.

I asked myself, "What did I have the MOST fun doing as a kid?" And almost all my memories were of specific situations where I would play for hours using my imagination. I'd play house and serve tea to my dolls and stuffed animals. I'd build secret little forts out of pillows and blankets and hide under them. I'd play "the floor is lava" where I couldn't step on certain parts of the floor or else, I'd fall into the lava.

It was fun! It was memorable! And I believe, that it was essential!

Whilst there were plenty of small blocks on the market, there was nothing big enough, that was affordable, to build the life-sized adventures I wanted her to have. And so, the idea for GIGI BLOKS was born…

I spent months researching materials and studying how children play and then I developed an innovative interlocking system that would allow little architects to safely create awesome skyscrapers!

The blocks are easy to handle and easy to connect. They are strong enough to withstand play and light enough to be safe for children.

Now we have sold over 7 Million Blocks worldwide and have wonderful stories to share!

Every time I see a child play with GIGI BLOKS for the first time my eyes light up. They have so much fun! And why wouldn't they? They get to build their own house, next week it might be a tower, then a spaceship, a castle and anything else they like, for themselves!

Once children are set with an idea of what they want to achieve they get completely lost in bringing their imagined story to life. They build, they change outfits, they become the heroes of their own stories. And tomorrow, it will be different story! And so, it soon becomes a book of memories with hundreds of stories.

Sustainable toy

GIGI BLOKS are made from trees in sustainable plantations.

We worked with designers and paper producers for more than a year to find the best cardboard for our blocks. We wanted a sustainable and user-friendly product that would be of the right density and firmness.

Our cardboard is made from finished, unbleached soft wood pulp with NO recovered paper added. Even the glue used in our cardboard production is organic and consists mainly of food grade wheat starch.

The safety of our product is confirmed by the fact that it is certified for use in direct contact with any type of food.

Every detail matters!

The GIGI BLOKS block shapes are cut by high quality cutters to make the edges smooth and soft.

Nothing is wasted! Every tiny bit of cut cardboard is collected and used in producing new paper products.

All of the GIGI BLOKS packaging and shapes go through our workshop where our Build Architect does the final checks, then sorts and finally packages the GIGI BLOKS sets.

These come in various sizes from 30 to100 blocks.

Now the GIGI BLOKS are ready for their little users and their BIG imaginations!

Encouraging Imaginative play!

The absence of instructions in our GIGI BLOKS sets is intentional.

We don’t want to limit children’s imagination, instead you will find a book of ideas, which, along with our thoughtful packaging design, should help to stir their imaginations.

What’s in your box?

Will it be a racing car? A fortress/castle? Or a ferocious dragon? All of these and much more- an entire world limited only by their imagination!

What do we stand for?

Why kids love GIGI BLOKS

Children love GIGI BLOKS because they get to build real life-sized adventures!

GIGI BLOKS are as versatile as their imaginations, and the blocks are light weight, easy to handle and are surprisingly durable.

One day your little one is an astronaut exploring the deep space, the next enjoying a tea party with their favorite toys and then they will be saving the world from a ferocious dragon.

Hold tight! This is going to be FUN!

Big Blocks = Big Fun!

Why dads love GIGI BLOKS

You don’t need a PhD in engineering in order to assemble our building blocks!

Just follow the easy instructions and you’re done! If you ask nicely, your children might let you help build that castle, dragon or lion!

Super Easy Assembly!

Why Mums love GIGI BLOKS

Now you can make sure that your kids are not glued to a tablet, smartphone or TV all day long. GIGI BLOKS help your whole family to spend quality time together and turn every new construction project into an unforgettable bonding experience!

Quality Family Time


In the last 5 years we have sold over 7 million GIGI BLOKS around the world!
We have received awards and recognition from around the world!
It’s amazing to think that we started with a small idea to create big fun, so these awards and the
recognition are amazing and mean such a lot to us.