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Best gift for employees children?

It can give you some headaches to find some unique, great and also in the price range gift for your employees, or even more delicate - employees children.

The usual way is to open google and type in search box "corporative gifts for Xmas". And you will find a lot of options with... quite frankly similar options.

Last year some companies reached out to us. They wanted to know do we have something specially designed for corporate gifts. 

Quite frankly - we can find a lot of ways to individualize what we make, and thus also create gift within your price range.

So what exactly we offer?

Introducing the GIGI BLOKS - Premium Big Building Blocks!

Our award-winning cardboard giant construction blocks are specially designed to build the most AWESOME, EPIC and REAL-SIZE castles, forts and towers! That's right! I said REAL-SIZE! No more tiny spaceships, submarines or action figures for children! The GIGI Bloks mega blocks will help children build anything for THEMSELVES and THEIR FRIENDS. 

By choosing GIGI Bloks, you choose a gift that keeps on giving. Instead of going with the same-old candy pack, you can surprise your employee's children with the set of giant building bricks. That can be easily most exciting Christmas present today!


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