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Why creative learning is important?

There are 7,4 billion people in the world. Still wondering why creativity matters? First of all, we would say that creativity is crucial for every human being to be able to stand out of the crowd. To get noticed, to be the one inventing something new, to surprise others - it is impossible to do that without even a little spark of creativity. GIGI Bloks strongly agrees to the quote of Albert Einstein: “Creativity is seeing usual things in an unusual light” and let's be honest - ability to look at the usual thing from another perspective is what drives most of the innovations and inventions. The good news is that we all actually are creative, we just have to know how to let this creativity flow and break free!


Some sources even claim that creative people are happier, as they instantly see a way out of difficult situations and for most situations in life they have a bit different way how to look at it - usually a positive one! Moreover, there have been numerous researches proving that entrepreneurs that manage their companies in a creative way are more successful than those who are driven only by a high IQ level. 20130713-121008.jpg


Creativity can save us in difficult situations. When we face challenges of life (and who doesn't?) we can either try to look for a truly rational solution which may take more time and resources, or we can step outside of the usual and find some creative solution. This goes out to more serious matters, as well as just different life hacks (yes, we also love DIY projects!).


And childhood is the time of our life when we either let our creativity and imagination flow or we suppress it. Creativity is like a beautiful thirsty plant that needs to be watered on daily basis to grow and spread its beauty! It takes time, and the more time the greater it becomes. Why not give your child the chance to take his time and boost his creativity from his early days? Provide him with all the resources needed and simply be there to support his creative process. We guarantee you - you will not feel sorry afterwards. Another quote by Albert Einstein claims that “Play is the highest form of research”, so let's allow our kids to become little researchers from day one and let's simply see where it takes us! We have a feeling that it is somewhere great :)

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