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What Are The Best Blocks For Building?

What are the Best Blocks for Building?

Blocks for building are great toys, as they provide freedom to children to show their creativity and interests. Blocks for building are very versatile toys, and children can play with them using their imagination.  Building blocks allow children to play by themselves. They  encourage children and provide them with unlimited options to develop their skills. They help to refine their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and teaches toddlers spatial awareness. This amazing type of toy helps to develop the ability in children to solve problems and many other developmental skills. Above all,  toy blocks are super fun to play with.

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What to look out for when looking for blocks for building for kids?

Buy blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

There are certain things you should consider before buying fun blocks for building for children.

Materials used in production

As we know, there are many different types of  blocks out there. Also, there are different qualities for building blocks. Always try to find the best quality.  Poor quality of material can affect your child's health and the lifespan of the toy. It is a good investment if you buy high-quality toys. They will remain for a longer time thus spending your money on them will be more worth it since they usually have more unique attributes.

Safety for your child

It is also an important factor to consider when choosing great blocks for building. Check if the blocks are safe for children. Check if they have  no sharp edges and  don’t buy blocks that are made from brittle plastic that breaks easily. Also, if you purchase wooden blocks, then check if the wooden surfaces are smooth and well-finished so as to avoid your child catching splinters.


Check for size according to your child's age. It  should be easy for a child to play with blocks. If you want to buy giant blocks for building, also ensure you have enough space to store these blocks and that they are lightweight.

Is assembly required?

Some types of blocks for building are linked together with magnets, while some others need to be stacked and balanced, but also consider that some blocks might need to be folded or assembled before your child can build anything from them.  Select the one according to the child's interest and which is easy to assemble for a child.

Are they actually fun?

Look for toys that are actually fun and can provide joy to your child. Blocks for building for kids should be attractive and engaging for children. Make sure they are lightweight, have attractive colors, and can be stacked together easily or have interlocking capabilities.

Do they have any unique features?

Check if they have any unique features that can help your child in any way. Blocks for building play an important role in the development of different skills. For example, if a block has letters on it, a child can learn some letters while playing with them. You can check if these blocks have some unique features like this, which can help your child to boost his/her learning.

So what are the best blocks for building?


Cardboard blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

These  big building blocks present hundreds of methods to inspire imaginative play- your child can have nearly infinite imaginative play possibilities such as riding a lion, building a castle, or even constructing their own little house!

And best of all is that your child has the opportunity to live out their imaginations by actually participating in their own stories, because with these blocks children have the possibility to create actual life sized constructions thanks to the truly BIG and super innovative interlocking, lightweight and sturdy design of these blocks.

This set includes 100 extra extra large pieces.

You can even browse the  GIGI Bloks blog and gallery for some fantastic adventure ideas.

GIGI Bloks are the best big blocks for building not only because of the infinite possibilities for building that they harbor, but also because they are made from entirely eco-friendly material- cardboard.

GIGI Bloks also ensures you with a 100% guarantee on their super fun blocks for building if you are not completely satisfied with them. You can check  GIGI Bloks Refunds & Returns policy to check for yourself.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

2. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Building Toys for Creative Play


LEGO blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

These standard-size fun blocks for a building kit will keep kids occupied for hours of pretend play. This build-your-own play set allows youngsters to make toy trains or tiger miniatures out of this classic assortment of 35 different types of LEGO bricks.

This imaginative toy set for boys and girls contains windows, toy eyes, 18 tires, and toy wheel rims that could be set on a green wall plate for youngsters to role play, as well as a container for toy storage.

With these colorful, creative blocks for building, youngsters can always use their creativity to bring to life any building item they choose, stimulating fun and developing ingenuity throughout the process.

3. Magnetic Blocks, 3D Magnetic Cubes for Kids, Preschool Educational Construction Kit, Sensory Montessori Toys

Magnetic blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

This Magnetic Fun Building Blocks set  may help youngsters grow not only in science, innovation, architecture, arts, and mathematics but also in practical multidisciplinary field educational concepts. It is an excellent educational toy for youngsters and a fun STEM toy to play with as a family. 

ASAGO magnetic building blocks toys stimulate children's innovative abilities, creativity and imagination, problem-solving skills, social skills, and motor skills, making them ideal for 3 to 10-Year-Old Boys and Girls. Magnetic construction blocks are fascinating and enjoyable, making them ideal educational gifts for school-age children that do not go out of style.

4. BUNMO XL Stacking Rocks 40pcs. Choking Test Certified & Eco-Friendly Wooden Stacking Stones

Stacking blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

Unlike some other wooden Montessori toys on the market, these building blocks for toddlers have passed the choke tube test and will not endanger children. 

The  40-piece wooden block set is a creative and enjoyable way of building, stacking, and learning. These wooden stack blocks are easy to stack due to their size and weight. 

These wood blocks are a great educational toy that can help toddlers and adults develop fine motor skills while having fun. 

5. Wooden Building Blocks Set for Kids

Wooden blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

This set of 80 little blocks for 3-year-olds comes in various colorful colors and shapes. 

It has also included a carrying case for your comfort to ensure that no minor components are misplaced. 

High-grade wood provides your kiddo with a long lasting toy and you can be rest assured that their constructions will not topple over so easily throughout the building process. 

These blocks for building are easy to grasp and stack, making them ideal for your youngsters to construct various structures. 

6. 303 Pieces Kids Building Block Set, Classic STEM Building Toys

Fun blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

Over ten distinct colors and shapes are included in these blocks for building, as well as four traditional base plates and colorful instructions,  making it simple for a child to create their structure paradise.

High-quality, BPA free plastics are used in this product, intended for children over the age of three. 

Outstanding structural integrity. 

This kid's building toy can not only give hours of hands-on enjoyment by allowing children to enjoy the excitement of building with blocks, but it can also develop their color identification, rational reasoning, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and other skills.

7. SHUNLAM Building Blocks for Kids 170 Pcs STEM Toys, Interlocking Playset for Age 3

Interlocking blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

The exciting STEM toys have unique characteristics that involve youngsters in the process of creating 3D art. With this high-quality, unique building kit, your youngster may let their wild imagination run wild. 

This kit includes 170 fun building blocks and a robust plastic box for convenient transport and storage. 

Each set includes a suggestion handbook with directions to create cars, dinosaurs, robots, and other vehicles. 

These blocks are meant for children five and up, however youngsters of all ages, and even teenagers can have a good time with them.

8. Home TTER Educational Building Toys STEM Learning Kit

Construction blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

This easy-to-assemble building set inspires creativity and provides hours of build-and-play fun!

A bulldozer, a toy crane, a forklift, a windmill, a gantry crane, a transport truck, and a rotating crane are included in this action-packed construction site play kit. 

The construction sets include tools and an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide with images of the models. 

The player can amuse themselves for hours by making toys on his own. Educational toys that are fun and intriguing are meant to help your children develop their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math abilities via play. Kids who enjoy construction trucks, bulldozers, and crane toys are definitely going to this set!

9. YALAOBAN Gears, Gears Toys for Kids, STEM Construction Toy Set

Unique blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

This toy effectively teaches children the universal law of cause and effect. There are nearly infinite combinations of how your child can assemble this set, therefore this set ,even though it looks like just gears, actually opens up creativity in a very effective way!

The gears in this set are made from ecologically acceptable, strong, and odorless materials. It boosts children's hands-on abilities and allows them to experience games in real life. Build as many 3D forms as you like. 

It is a stem toy for a three-year-old child. 

STEM construction bricks for children aged 4 to 8, shoreline learning, activity kit contains 15 colorful gears. 

10. Play learn Foam Wooden Beam Building Blocks

Foam blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

These foam building blocks are perfect for any playgroup or sensory area. Make sure to keep an eye on your young builders' imaginations and hands as they explore the world of design and construction. These wood-like beam-shaped construction components have limitless applications. These construction bricks are ideal for encouraging your child's curiosity and creativity.

What types of blocks for building are out there?

Types of blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

There are many different types of building blocks available for children. These include:


The bulk of plastic toys produced worldwide is constructed from a few plastic compounds, including high- and low-density polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE), polypropylene, and polyethylene (PP). It is quite well known that plastic is not very good for the planet, but it is also quite dangerous for a toddler to ingest it. However plastic toys are the cheapest to produce and because of the fact that plastic toys are comparably more easy to manufacture than wooden toys, it is the reason why plastic toys are so cheap and therefore are more sought after than other toys made from different materials.


They are adaptable, provide limitless intellectual and social development opportunities, and are far superior to plastic-made toys. Wooden construction blocks not only last longer than plastic toys, but they also decompose more quickly and are more friendly for the planet.


Cardboard blocks for building are made with thick cardboard material, and they are  very lightweight and super eco-friendly. So by getting yourself  cardboard building blocks, you are not only helping the planet, your child will be able to pick them up easily.


Foam blocks are a collection of individual foam pieces of various colors and forms used as construction toys. These are fantastic since they are soft and safe to play with. They are usually  large blocks for toddlers that may keep children safe and secure since they feature a non-slip bottom that keeps the blocks in place. 


Magnetic blocks for building are mostly constructed of food-grade ABS plastic that is non-toxic, and these blocks have incorporated magnets in their sides, so the blocks stick to each other upon contact thanks to magnetic forces. Even if these blocks are super fun, we need to address that  if swallowed, magnetic blocks can impose serious health issues for your child. 

Stacking blocks

Stacking and arranging things is a typical component of a child's development. One enjoyable method is to play with stacking blocks, which is ideal for toddlers. The picking and sifting reflect what is going on within your child's brain.

A great example of stacking blocks would be the Jenga tower.

Interlocking blocks

Interlocking blocks are one of the most well known block types out there- they interlock with each other, just like LEGO’s do, so the child’s constructions are very stable.

Why are blocks for building great?

Great blocks for building | GIGI Bloks

The advantages of playing with blocks for building include  developing problem-solving ability, reflective practice, and the development of both cognitive and motor skills. Blocks for building are not only good for your child's behavior, but they also aid with their mental, physical, and social progress.

How do blocks for building help your kids?

Children benefit from playing with these creative blocks for building even as they get older. Because blocks are universally appealing, they are ideal for mixed-age groups. They also provide opportunities to hone 21st-century skills such as cooperation, problem-solving, critical reasoning, and articulation. Blocks teach youngsters to take turns and share resources, form new connections, become self-sufficient, expand attention span, collaborate with others, and promote self-esteem.

Why should you choose blocks for building over action figures, dolls, and toy cars?

According to research, children gain so much when they do construction play. These plays contain extra components such as constructing from templates,  participating in cooperation and collaboration, and discussing spatial relationships with others. There is additional evidence that complicated block-play is associated with better levels of mathematical success. Therefore, it would be better to play with blocks instead of spending time on some action figures and dolls. 

Case Study

 We're providing you with a resource that you can read on how quality toys impact the brain development of children.



In conclusion 

So, choose wisely and make sure that whichever toy you are going to buy for your kid, it is important that the toy fulfills the demands of the creative mind of your child. To make it more simple, we will suggest you try  GIGI Bloks blocks for building so you could surprise your kid with this quality-made and fantastic product.


And as always:

Dream BIG!

Build BIG!

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