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Transport of the Future

Aim of the activity

To develop an understanding of self, surroundings and social life processes.

1. Prepare

Start with what you already know about transport, and what has changed over the ages. Ask children to think about the means of transport from long ago and those of today – for example, sailing yachts, hot air balloons…


2. Activity - Build a Time Machine.

Ask children to dream a little and imagine - they can make a Time Machine from GIGI building blocks. This would be a vehicle that allows travel back to the past and into the distant future. Invent and create the frame of the GIGI Time Machine, which can be entered, and has a special steering wheel which takes it where a person wants it to go, by touching it and saying where. 

When the Time Machine is ready, you can decide to travel to the future to see what vehicles are like there.

Invite children to climb into the Time Machine, head to the future, take a look and visualize, then head back and discuss what they saw in the future.

Here are a few stories from children:

I stepped out and was given a special outfit to wear. I put it on and rose into the air. I could do everything even without an aeroplane, fly as quickly as I wanted to, but it was more like running.

There were lots of cars, all of them race cars, and drove so quickly you couldn’t see who was at the steering wheel. Instead of a steering wheel there were buttons to press.

There, everyone got around through underground tunnels, climbing into boxes made of iron. Like a lift which went from left to right, wherever you wanted.

Adults flew on robot brooms, The children played inside big balls which flew in the air.


Afterward, you can make transport of the future using GIGI Bloks. Talk to the children and ask them to present their model. Ask - what it is called, and how it will be driven, led by what.

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