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This Week Why Don't You Try Building a Reindeer and a Christmas Tree?

GIGI Bloks is such a diverse material that it allows you to build almost anything you want! With Christmas approaching we have 2 ideas for you to try building -  a cute reindeer and a Christmas tree!

1. Create your own magic reindeer that will bring Christmas spirit to your home! Add sparkles, decorations, colours - anything you want! To make him more realistic, here are some additional details that you can use for your reindeer - download FREE Christmas reindeer stencil. What will be his name? :)

2. Design your own Christmas tree! it can be small, it can be BIG, it can be simple, it can be SUBLIME! With some Christmas lights, artificial snow, spray paint and other decors it can really turn out magical! Depending on the size you want, take set of 100 giant building blocks, which would give you around 1,5 m high Christmas tree. Want bigger? Grab more! :) You can even organize a party where you and your friends or family all participate in creating this lovely tree. If you wish, you can even write greetings and wishes on each of the building blocks so making it even more personal and nice.. just let the creativity flow and try something new! 

And don't forget to show us a pic of what you have built on Instagram by adding a hashtag #GIGIBuild or drop us an email!

On January 8 from all the people who will have added/sent a photo we will choose one winner, who will receive a nice thank you gift for sharing! :)

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