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Physical Benefits from Playing With Building Blocks

This seems to be the most obvious benefit of block play, doesn’t it? :) With GIGI building blocks being so big, children are motivated to move around the room in order to BUILD BIG! But let’s not forget - block play can develop both large (or gross) and fine motor skills – as children reach for blocks, lift them and move them around, their fingers, hands and arms strengthen.

Specialists claim that children begin to understand, which shapes will fit where at about the age of 2. If you offer you child to play with building blocks at this age, it gives them a head start on understanding perspectives, which are the beginning skills that allow them to read maps, follow directions and do other similar activities later in life. Nevertheless, you start developing your kid’s hand-eye coordination at a very early age, which is also very important.

Later, at kindergarten and primary grade, while playing with blocks can develop skills in design, representation, balance and stability. Building blocks teach children to hone their hand-eye coordination, so that he/she knows to specifically place things so that the tower will not topple, and he/she learns how to pick up only the red block from the bunch.

All of these simple movements help a child to develop their hand movements and motor skills. Being able to practice and improve them is definitely one benefit of building blocks.

Every parent wants his/her child to be social, creative, strong and smart. Why not use such a simple, safe, and versatile toy to ensure that? :)

Next week we will tell you more about the emotional benefits of playing with building blocks! :)

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Good thing that you discussed how building blocks help kids develop their hand-eye coordination so that they can put objects precisely so that the tower won’t collapse. My husband and I have been looking for a gift for my nephew, I’ll be sure to share this with him. I’ll make sure to check out nearby retailers that can help us in buying one.

Victoria Addington

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