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Learn Alphabet the Fun Way - With GIGI Bloks Alphabet Song!

We at GIGI Bloks believe that learning should always be fun! Especially when it comes to bulky things like alphabet. When browsing the photos people send us in and post on social media with the hashtag #gigibuild, we repeatedly noticed that families love to use GIGI building blocks also for learning new things concepts, such as letters, so we decided to give a fun twist to learning and created joyful song for children to learn alphabet.

Who could have imagined that this process will bring so much fun to all of us! Working with children can be challenging considering their energy level, but it brings so much emotions that it is totally worth it.

After casting, shooting, recording, editing, singing, and all the rest of the steps, we can now truly say - that was a great journey! And we hope you and your children will join this this journey and make alphabet learning fun and exciting.Let us know what you and children like the most about the song! ;)

P.s. Don't forget to mention for how long you kept singing “there are more letters than there are toes”. Hope to hear from you soon!

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