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How to Make My Child Listen to Me

Oh, boy, there for sure is one thing all children know how to do - NOT listen to their parents! :)

But it turns out there are quite a few ways how to change or at least improve the situation, and if you are reading this post, you probably are ready to try them, right?

1. Get down, look at him, and be respectful.

Sometimes it seems like children simply skip all you say. Try bending/getting on your knees and talk them face to face. By being close and at their eye level you will make sure they hear you. And let's be honest - do you like when a really tall and big person speaks down to you? It can really seem threatening.

Of course, try to speak in friendly and respectful tone. Teach things by making them to respect not fear you.

2. Bend the boundaries.

Meaning that you can give your child some options to choose from. Of course, within the acceptable limits. This is how you can create the feeling that he is the one making decision and controlling the situation, which is another thing children have to learn - they have to be able to make their own decisions.

3. Keep the language simple.

Toddlers are just learning to follow directions and to respond to questions. Don't make it too difficult with negative terms (No running!). Instead, use positive ones (Walk!). For the little one it can still take some time to process information, so keep it short and simple.

4. Be consistent.

If a child sees that some things are not O.K. day by day, he will eventually learn it. If the rules change every day, he will see that this only you wish and this rule doesn't have to be followed at all times.

5. Be a role model.

Toddlers love to replicate grown ups. Show them a good example and listen to e.g. what your wife/husband says, answer, and etc. Show what a good communication looks like. Also, you can use his favorite cartoon character as a tool to make it fun and entertaining. As if the character was the one inviting him to do something.


Do you have any discoveries of your own? Let GIGI Bloks & others to know your experience - drop your comment below!

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