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How Colors Influence Children and Why GIGI Building Blocks Don't Have Colors on Them

We as adults already know that colors may either affect how we feel or resemble our emotions. Psychologists claim that if you feel affectionate for one particular color, it most certainly symbolizes that you either miss something in your life or have too much of something in your daily routine (e.g. stress).

Needless to say that also children are affected and stimulated by colors, which is why we encourage you to think twice when choosing the main colour of the nursery, toddler's or pre-teeners room, as well as toys, and etc. Color and light is the first thing that a newborn recognizes and according to

“Children also react to colors on a physical level. The explanation behind this is that the light enters the Hypothalamus which controls the nerve centers, as well as the heart rate and respiration. The wavelength and energy of each color varies and affects children differently.

Color brings about a vascular reflex action by increasing perspiration, the eye blinking rate and also stimulating a noticeable muscular reaction [..].The reactions to temperature of the color are another matter; warm colors can calm one child but they may excite others. Likewise cool colors might stimulate one and relax another."


This is why there are color psychologists linking color with brain development, decreased absenteeism, enhanced productivity, and even transition from childhood to adulthood.

Toddlers wanting all things colorful and bright is almost like their way of expressing their emotions, taste, and individuality. Often children choose the brightest clothing, toys, or even small things like markers from the set.

This is why GIGI building blocks are made in neutral, natural color of cardboard - that will help children to be in charge of their emotions, taste and inspiration. No distraction from what children initially imagined. Even more, if they see fit, they can add colors themselves, decorate blocks as they see! You will immediately get the feeling if he is upset or happy, if he feels like he can express himself or he is anxious to do that. We offer a blank space for your child to express himself in a way similar like from simply a blank A4 sheet of paper. In other words, by allowing your kid to be the one in charge while playing, you allow their imagination flow without almost any restrictions.

Would you agree that your child would benefit from that?


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