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How do I stop my child from watching cartoons?

Imagine, if you could eat chocolate and candy all day every day with no regrets, wouldn't you be happy and satisfied? :) This is the same with cartoons - if you allow your child to watch cartoons or play computer games all day long and every day, it becomes a norm and a habit. Not the best one, though.


Of course, we could now start telling you that you shouldn't have allowed it in the first place, but would it help anyhow? The situation is what it is, so let's see how to resolve it.

According to experts, nowadays parents tend to be too busy with their own things like work, that they don't even notice how days go by, as well as how many hours at the computer their children spend. Bam! And it is evening! Where did the day go? :) The child is supposedly entertained and all is kind of O.K..But have you thought a little bit about how destructing it is to allow a child to watch cartoons all day long?


The problem with allowing to watch too many cartoons is that while doing that, the child is not doing anything, just sitting back and relaxing, while somebody else entertains him. There is no decision making, no need to imagine things, to express thoughts, creativity, or anything else.


In the previous post we talked about how good it is to allow your child to be bored time to time. And here we have to mention again, as it simply cannot be stressed enough. Parents are the ones responsible for children development. Probably, every one of us wants the child to become a strong personality who knows how to make decisions, how to solve difficult situations, and etc. Cartoons are not helping to do this in any way.


The solution? To make the child experience situations when he has to do all the things mentioned above - make decisions, solve problems, express thoughts/wishes, and etc. Also, to allow him to be bored time to time, as that is when his imagination kicks in and he starts to think how to entertain himself without the help of modern technologies.


At the beginning it might seem difficult and time consuming, but as soon as becomes a habit, there will be no moaning about the cartoons being prohibited. The difference is that this will be a good habit to pursue. Yes, there are situations when parents should be seen as friends and child's support team, but overall parents are the bad cops that can be strict and say no to certain things in order to help the child grow. Don't worry, when they will grow up they will say thank you! :)


If you also have a solution to the cartoon problem- drop a comment down below, so GIGI Bloks and other parents can have the great benefit of knowing your tip.

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