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GIGI Bloks is Excellent play certified

Excellent play accredits and labels how a toy is valuable to a child in terms of play and learning. And GIGI Bloks is one of the toys this Danish company has validated to be valuable even in several ways!

Their set of values defined emphasize that good, educational toys are those that are most fun to play with and they have a solid foundation of scientific research and knowledge about play and child development. As their payoff says: “We know that play is all about: Life stories in the making!”

"Play is a journey on the road to adulthood. Play helps create personality and develop social, personal and intellectual skills and competences. Play is therefore an important aspect of every child's development. It is important to know how the qualities and strengths inherent in a toy contribute to a child's development."

Excellent play accredits and labels how a toy is valuable to a child in terms of play and learning. The main aim is to ensure that people working at daycare institutions, parents and others are well-equipped to select the right toys for children in their care.
Excellent play only certifies and labels toys that are approved as safe and the certification is performed by childcare professionals, and toy products are tested by children in daycare institutions.
Moreover, excellent play certification is built on reliable foundations of knowledge and research into play and child development, and is awarded in accordance with uniform guidelines and is, moreover, traceable.

After the research they pointed out that the TOP 3 values of GIGI Bloks are:
1. Mathematical knowledge - being wise about figures.
GIGI Bloks develop mathematical knowledge as a child understands geometry by using figures and combining them. Children can learn math by adding, subtracting and dividing.
2. Spatial knowledge - being wise about images and space.
GIGI Bloks develop spatial knowledge as creating and building the world of imagination teaches to understand space and place. GIGI teaches to think bigger.
3. Personal knowledge - being wise about oneself.

GIGI Bloks develop personal knowledge - playing is an act of learning and GIGI lets kids discover themselves allowing full freedom of choice.
In order to pass this certification GIGI went through numerous steps like admission, testing, research and evaluation. Additionally, we are proud to emphasize also the fact that we we're one of the very few who were eventually assigned with a characteristic from each of the three sectors of the knowledge wheel (see below). 

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