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5 Stories to Play out in these Holidays

Animal Friends

Cat and dog are your best allies in all the things you decide to do! A cat is brave and will explore new places. A dog is always happy and will protect you from danger. But what will be a giraffe? 


After wandering deserts, plains and steppes, your tribe has finally settled down. Build your camp and get prepared for next big hunt.

Brave Knight

Gigantic and horrific dragons from the most picturesque fairy tales have come to life! Only you are brave enough to meet them face to face.

Fast and dexterous

Let’s go for a ride! You can compete in F1 race and then drive along the lions in the wild safari. You can drive through serpentines and then suddenly be in the Sahara desert. Or let's just go to the party. You choose!

Secret castle

Far far away, in a make-believe land, there is a castle for most beautiful and kind princess or bravest knights. Go and visit the place! Maybe you are the one whom it’s built for.

Holidays will be long. You have a chance to create these and many other stories.


Share what you have built on Instagram, add #GIGIBuild for a chance to win a set of 100 XXL building blocks.

Leave a comment, what else you want to create with GIGI Bloks, and we can help you figure it out, or give our own version.

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