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3 Ways How to Store GIGI Building Blocks

Children dream of building blocks which would be big and would allow them to build the same structures grownups do. Big ideas need big tools so to say! :) Meanwhile, for parents big toys trigger the question “how much space it will take?”.

When it comes to GIGI Bloks, size is one of our biggest advantages, as it gives children the opportunity to bring their BIG ideas to life and to move all body while doing so. These big building blocks keep children occupied for hours, but what to do when children are occupied with other activities? Here are 3 quickest ideas how to store GIGI Bloks building blocks in a meantime:

1) Build a wall and use it as a message board/interior element.

2) Build a tower and put in the corner of your child's room.

3) Use it for storage - build a toy box or a shelf!

We believe that the versatility of GIGI Bloks allows to use these blocks for both - play and to solve practical matters. Toy box, message board, additional wall that separates sleeping zone from activity zone… these are only a few of the opportunities how to transform this diverse toy into an everyday object! Have more in mind? Add in comments!

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