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The Best Cardboard Toys

The Best Cardboard Toys


Wouldn’t it be a great idea to make or have cardboard toys? It would not only be the cheapest way to have toys for your kids but this would also be a fantastic way to engage your kids in creative activities while making their own versions of the best cardboard toys. 

It is amazing to think that you can have your kid have more fun with a simple cardboard box than with bought toys. So in my opinion, it would be foolish to spend an excessive amount of money when you can easily make toys at your home from a spare cardboard box or even purchase these cardboard toys with little to no money at all. But nowadays, there has been good progress in innovative improvement for these kinds of toys, thanks to a lot of creative designs, varieties and craftings that you can find in various toy stores.   



Why choose cardboard toys?


Why buy cardboard toys? | GIGI Bloks


To begin with I want to say that children's plays do not have to be expensive. Open-ended items, such as balls, cloth, and recycled cardboard, as well as natural materials, are fantastic for children of all ages and they also cost little or nothing. 

Also, items like these cool cardboard toys are ideal for children's growth since they stimulate them to think, be creative, and solve problems. Furthermore, cardboard boxes encourage physical play by allowing children to choose what they want to do and follow their creativity.



Why does anyone buy cardboard toys?


Because there are different educational cardboard toys available now, like big building blocks, they can help kids learn how to balance objects, increase their drive to try again, and improve their hand-eye coordination. 

Spatial awareness, form identification, concentration, and creative thinking resulting from playing with these cool and fun cardboard toys may all help children. Simply playing with cardboard boxes has the capacity to enhance the perception of height, comparison and measurement abilities.



Are cardboard toys durable?


The best durable cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


Well, cardboard toys can be durable because recycled cardboard keeps its strength and durability even as some time has passed.  Corrugated cardboard retains its quality and capabilities after recycling and is also more cost-effective.



Are cardboard toys Eco-friendly? 


The best eco-friendly cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


Cardboard toys are  a hundred percent recyclable and biodegradable. In a maximum of one year, corrugated cardboard degrades completely in nature. Because it is mostly composed of cellulose, its breakdown period is limited, and if it is subjected to favorable weather conditions, such as a humid atmosphere, disintegration speeds up even faster.



    What to look out for when buying cardboard toys?


    How to choose the best cardboard blocks | GIGI Bloks


    There are certain things that you should look out for before buying cool cardboard toys for your kids. Some of the tips are given below so keep these in mind before making a purchase.

    • Keep your kid’s age under consideration. How old your child is and how he/she is going to play with the cardboard toys as some of the children will be needing a great amount of attention while others learn on their own. So if your child is small, you may want to opt-out of buying cardboard toys or if you still want to buy your kids cardboard toys, then make sure that your children are supervised while playing with these toys.

    • The interests of your child matter the most. What kind of toys he or she is interested in playing with. There are different varieties available in stores with various designs. You can check what your kids prefer before making any purchases.

    • You should also  check storage capabilities in your home- where will you keep these cardboard toys? Make sure that you have enough space if you are going to buy big building blocks or any other cardboard toy and also make sure to prepare a weather-safe, dry and cool place to store the toys after your kids are done playing with them.  



    Top 10 cardboard toys 


    We have prepared  a list of our favorite top 10 cardboard toys to choose from for your kids. You can compare and contrast these cardboard toy items and select the best one according to the suitability of your kid’s interests and the space that you have back at home. 





    The best big cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


    These  GIGI BLOKS are composed of sturdy, long-lasting cardboard. And, just like any other paper-based product, they can also happen to be a blank canvas for your imagination. You can either color them, paint them, write on them with chalk, or turn them inside out and start all over embarking on a new journey with a new experience.

    By playing with these  GIGI building blocks, your kid will be able to build child-sized castles, fortresses, towers, spacecraft, race cars, stores, tea rooms, buses, lions, cats, dogs, and even dragons. It can really let your children's imaginations run wild. And if they can imagine it, GIGI BLOKS can make it a reality.



    3DUX DESIGN Modern House Architecture Set


    The best creative cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


    These DIY design, construct and paint toys for kids are perfect for school, home, and birthday parties and are perfect for groups, boosting cooperation and collaboration in the classroom, stimulating activity for parties or as gifts, with free lesson planning ideas.

    This set includes 76 reusable white geometric cardboard shapes and multi-color 3D printed connectors for building a model house with decorations and characters. It also promotes STEAM education by emphasizing physics, geometry, deductive reasoning, problem-solving, experimentation, and complex spatial thinking. 

    Their incredibly clear and easy design makes this set simple to use for hours of unplugged fun and individual or group play.



    Melissa & Doug PAW Patrol Jumbo Cardboard Blocks


    The best paw patrol cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


    This kit includes 37 easy-to-assemble super-sturdy illustrated cardboard construction blocks in four sizes, as well as three corrugated PAW Patrol vehicles to encourage imaginative play in your youngsters. This forty-piece cardboard box includes educational goals, including team-building skills among children of all ages. 

    This jumbo Patrol cardboard block set is always willing to assist, engaging preschoolers with a combination of collaboration, adventure, and comedy as they build social, emotional, and developmental skills through play, and it is a terrific gift for preschoolers ages 2 to 5 for hands-on, screen-free play. 



    MangoRun DIY Handmade Cardboard STEM Project Craft Toys for Kids


    The best construction cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


    This kit is ideal for children aged 7 to 12, and it helps to practice children's hand-eye coordination and build children's hands-on ability via this ultimate DIY experience. The white space allows youngsters to doodle and paint freely along the outline. 

    The cardboard is carefully designed and trimmed to ensure that the edges are smooth and do not irritate the infant. This cardboard box is simple to make and maybe done step by step with the assistance of parents to boost the excitement. Also, make sure your child does not swallow any of its pieces because it has multiple little bits and is not recommended for children under the age of three.





    The best playhouse cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


    Unlike other plastic, wooden, or fabric play home sets that come with a dull, ready-made house for your kids,  this GIGI Bloks cardboard house set will place your kids in the heart of all the construction activity and let your baby boy/baby girl join in the fun.

    The best part is that your child will be able to construct the most wonderful house or house bed out of these cardboard boxes without having to purchase any more materials. It includes 171 double unit blocks, 12 single unit blocks, 20 triangular unit blocks, 8 roof beams, and a piece of fabric for your own rooftop cover.



    REVVIT BoxArt Cardboard Crafts for Kids to Build & Color or Paint


    The best educational cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


    This is a multifaceted arts and crafts project that will keep you occupied for several hours. It is perfect for gatherings, rainy days, a vacation from screen time, and as a present. It is composed of recyclable cardboard and has no sharp edges or corners to give your child any discomfort. 

    This cardboard kit includes six individually packaged sets that are all ready to construct and decorate.  The six sets include a dinosaur, a helicopter, a giraffe, a building, a windmill, and a race car, and each set contains a QR code that connects to a video with extensive building instructions, promising hours of fun as you build and decorate.



    CUPUZ 3D Paper Puzzle, 3 Assorted Dinosaurs, Premium Cardboard Models, DIY Kit for Child


    The best coloring cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


    If your child likes dinosaurs, this cardboard set is ideal for him to own. This 3D puzzle has a lot of intricacies and 263 pieces of all colors, shapes, and sizes, which is perfect for helping kids improve their creativity and dexterity. Once built, it may also be used as a lovely ornamental set. 

    It might be given as a present to adults and children who enjoy constructing model kits and solving puzzles. It's perfect for birthday presents, party goodies, and holiday awards. This product is made using unique cardboards that are solid-colored, Eco-friendly, and non-toxic.  This CE-certified device is ideal for creative minds looking to expand their horizons.



    QIUXQIU DIY Graffiti Cardboard for Kid Coloring Drawing Doodle Cardboard Hand-Drawn Art Toy


    The best  pretend cardboard toys | GIGI Bloks


    This is an interactive paperboard toy that would make an excellent festival or birthday gift for your children. It is a fascinating and informative toy. This includes enjoyable crafts, role-playing, and engaging hands-on assembly to increase hands-on skill, together with an assembly instruction card and attractive headgear specifically made for youngsters.

    It may enable your children to enjoy their personal DIY time, as well as allow your infant to chase joyfully with friends and provide the kid with a lovely childhood.



    Cardboard Box Engineering: Cool, Inventive Projects for Tinkerers, Makers & Future Scientists


    The best cardboard toys book | GIGI Bloks


    It's the ideal Eco-friendly construction material for imaginative youngsters aged 9 to 14, and cardboard box engineering is the ideal guide to get them started on ingenious tinkering

    Kids may use common household equipment to follow the step-by-step pictorial instructions to practice their design skills, extend their 3-D thinking, and learn the fundamentals of physics and engineering via exercises with real-world applications.



    Makedo Discover Toolbox | Cardboard Construction Tools for Kids


    The best cardboard toys tools | GIGI Bloks


    This cardboard is an easily accessible, free, and limitless building material that can be folded, sawed, and hole-punched while remaining durable. Even better, it can be reused and recycled. With Makedo's reusable cardboard construction TOOLBOX, one to five children aged 7 and above, or as young as 4 with adult supervision, may make whatever they can dream. 

    The brilliance of Makedo is that children learn by doing, by making, experimenting, failing, and maybe succeeding, but this is not required. Ideal for collaborative creative areas such as classrooms, maker spaces, museums, and, of course, homes.



    Pros and cons of cardboard toys


    The best cardboard toys pros | GIGI Bloks


    There are various advantages and disadvantages of buying these cool cardboard toys for your kids. 



    • It is one of the Eco-friendliest materials.
    • When we compare cardboard to other materials, its production results in a 60 percent reduction in CO2 and oil emissions confirming its environment-friendly nature. 
    • To create them, 90 percent less water and 50 percent less power are required than with conventional toys.
    • Reduces the amount of garbage produced.
    • The best approach to reduce wasteful cardboard use is to use recycled cardboard. Recycled cardboard in most forms is able to retain its strength and durability. 
    • We can conserve energy by recycling cardboard, which can then be utilized to create other resources. 
    • It's completely biodegradable and recyclable. In a maximum of one year, corrugated cardboard degrades completely. Because it is mostly composed of cellulose, its breakdown period is limited, and if it is subjected to favorable weather conditions, such as a humid atmosphere, disintegration speeds up even faster.
    • Corrugated cardboard can remain intact to some extent in its quality and functions after recycling and is also more cost-effective. 



    • They are not at all recommended to be used together with other toys or objects that are excessively heavy, because thin cardboard doesn’t hold vertical forces that well. 
    • Cardboard shipping cartons may not hold the weight of heavy objects if improper carton size, thickness or inadequate cushioning is employed. 
    • Under pressure, it's possible that it will get distorted.
    • In some situations, cardboard can be crushed, dented, or otherwise damaged, despite its strength.
    • Cardboard is not waterproof. Certain weather conditions, such as rain or snow, are unsuitable for cardboard. Therefore cardboard also cannot be washed.



    In Conclusion 


    The best cardboard toys ever | GIGI Bloks


    These durable and cool cardboard toys are the best investment for your kid’s learning as they will prove not only to be entertaining and help your kid in boosting their imagination but they will also act as educational cardboard toys meaning that they will make your kids learn through solving puzzles and actively participating in creativities. So, make sure to find the best cardboard toy such as  our GIGI BLOKS Set for your kid and surprise them with the most creative gift ever. 



    And remember:

    Dream BIG!

    Build BIG!

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