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Imagination and Origami: Why Paper Folding is Great for Kids

Imagination and Origami: Why Paper Folding is Great for Kids

The ancient art of origami is one of the best activities that you can introduce to your kids. This process of folding paper to create various shapes and recognisable objects has Japanese roots. The Spruce explains that origami comes from the Japanese words oru, which means ‘to fold’ and kami, which means ‘paper’. Through origami, your kids will enter a world of imagination and creativity where they can create beautiful paper structures while improving their dexterity. In this post, let’s discuss the various reasons why you should encourage your kids to try origami.

It introduces them to geometrical concepts

At school, a lot of kids find math to be an extremely difficult subject. Because of this, parents and teachers have to find fun ways for kids to learn various mathematical concepts such as geometry. Aside from geometric toys such as the GIGI Bloks XXL Building Blocks, you can also use origami to strengthen your kid’s understanding of geometric concepts, terms, and formulas. Use origami instructions and diagrams to help your kid visualize various shapes. In addition, you can also label the origami structure with dimensions to explain key geometric terms such as area, perimeter, and circumference.

It can improve their motor skills

It’s important that you help your child practice their fine motor skills as this allows them to freely explore their surroundings. Having good motor skills also prepares your child for key tasks such as moving objects with their hands, grasping utensils, using tools. Through origami, you can help your child exercise their hands and improve their fine motor skills. Creating detailed objects takes skill for children, and encouraging them to make specific shapes out of paper is a great form of training for their brain and hands.

It gives them something to be passionate about

One of the most exciting things that you’ll experience as a parent is helping your child develop their interests and passions. Daydreaming in Paradise highlights that by helping your kid find something that they can be passionate about early on in their life, you can give them a responsibility that they will enjoy and look forward to accomplishing. Moreover, guiding your kids into finding and pursuing their interests can help them easily realize what they want to do in the future. With origami, your child can discover their love for arts, crafts, and other creative pursuits.

It boosts their creativity 

Children, especially those who are yet to develop good language skills, need creative outlets to be able to express themselves. Aside from creating paintings, drawing with crayons, and moulding with clay, you can also encourage them to express their creative side through origami. Once your child learns how to create basic shapes with origami, they can freely manipulate paper with their hands and bring their imagination to life. Moreover, Raising Children notes craft activities allow kids to make decisions for themselves. As they grow up, they can further improve their origami skills and create more complicated objects, which can help shape their individuality and improve their thinking skills.


In conclusion

Why is origami good for kids | GIGI Bloks

You should engage your kids in fun and creative activities such as origami. By simply allowing them to take the time to work on creating shapes with sheets of paper, you can help them become a well-rounded individual.

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