Choose your GIGI Bloks
Choose your GIGI Bloks
This toy is for those… those, with great enthusiasm and free flight of fantasy... Those who creates unseen houses, amazing castles, crazy giraffes and jungle palms. Those who always has a bright new idea and are always ready to embrace an adventure. Just grab the building blocks and create your play world from scratch!
20cm x 10cm x 10cm
10cm x 10cm x 10cm
6,5cm x 6,5cm x 13cm
Made of 100% recyclable cardboard
Above all, we put children's safety first. That’s why we choose to create these exciting building blocks from recyclable, but firm cardboard. Yes, if the children fall on them, they might break faster than plastic. But you can be sure, they won’t hurt themselves. Other than that, they will enjoy playing with these blocks again and again, lasting for year.

Build sturdy designs

Brilliantly engineered, these simple blocks lock in place for sturdy structures and endless fun
The unique double-wall design makes GIGI Bloks extra durable
Create windows and doors. Double blocks stick together in a sturdy way creating an effect of long blocks
Agnese Deicmane
Mom of 7 years old Alise
"GIGI Bloks we got as a present and doughter is very excited. Every single moment she is building something. Building blocks are ligt in weight, easy to play with and full of imagination."
Ieva Kauce
"In our home kids play with GIGI every day! The best about this toy is the fact that the whole family can be a part of creative process! Even our cat! I am very proud of this Latvian invention!"
Indra Everse
Mom of four kids
"I am so amazed by these big building blocks. Kids are lost in roll play for hours. At moments I see some disagreements. And I love to witness how they get to solve it through conversations!"
Amy Cosper Richtermeyer
VP, Editor-in-Chief Entrepreneur Media
"GIGI building blocks for kids are like canvas for artist. Unconditional and raedy to unliesh kids imagination!"
Children love GIGI Bloks
There is a reason why kids love GIGI Bloks so much. It’s not about the form, the purpose or function of the toy. It’s about all those endless possibilities that children can truly build with their own imagination, and there is no place more colorful, interesting, amazing and fascinating than a kid’s mind.

Easy to fold and store

It takes half a minute to fold one block and even less to unfold it if you want to free-up space. However, you can easily store GIGI by building a wall and putting it against wall, building a tower in the corner, or building a box for toys or a treasure chest.

Children gain enormous benefits

The benefits for GIGI Bloks users are enormous, including additional physical activity, increased manual dexterity, and endless opportunities to express themselves. While building their fantasies on a large scale, many of the most important qualities that young children need will be nurtured, including spatial reasoning, creative thinking, mathematical thinking, and communication skills. This will help kids to learn social skills as they collaborate with other children, and develop their problem solving abilities as they figure out how to create new structures.
Creative thinking
Spatial reasoning
Mathematical knowledge
Physical activity
Increased manual dexterity
Communication skills
Skills to collaborate
problem solving abilities
Develop vocabulary