Fairy tale for Christmas
30 XL Blocks with Labels, Stencils and Crayons
  • 16.95€
Build your own Christmas tree, reindeer Rudolf or whatever you can imagine
For the one with the richest imagination and most creative ideas. Build your fairy tale and Christmas miracle! Use stencils, crayons and instructions. Build, draw and rebuild again. Imagine, experiment and create!
The easy-to-manipulate cardboard blocks interlock with a super-stable nesting mechanism that allows play out endless scenarios, change stage design various times.

There is a reason why kids love GIGI bloks so much. It’s not about the form, the purpose or function of the toy. It’s about all those endless possibilities kids can truly build with their own imagination. And there is no place more colorful, interesting, amazing and fascinating than a kid's mind.

Let the creativity flow and fun never end.

So, yeah - go GIGI, go BIG!

Includes 30 pieces:

  • 30 double unit blocks (13,5 cm x 13,5cmx6cm);
  • 6 supersoft and sturdy wax crayons;
  • Carefully designed two stencils, which are part of package;
  • 2 sheets of removable labels (size 21x29,7cm);
  • 12 ideas what else you can build with these blocks.

Easy to fold, adult assembly required.

Precautions: these blocks are not moisture or fire resistant; strong enough to be played with, but not for sitting or standing on.

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Endless building possibilities with 30 big building blocks

We believe these ideas of what to build will inspire you to embark on new journeys of creative imaginative play. No detailed, thorough instructions of how to build something, as we aim to leave space for your imagination and let kids find their OWN best way of how to build it!
A Certified Educational Toy
International Certification from the Excellent Play organization attests that GIGI Bloks has the following play and learning values:
Personal knowledge
Playing is an act of learning. GIGI lets kids discover themselves allowing full freedom of choice.
Mathematical knowledge
We understand geometry by using figures and combining them. We learn math by adding, subtracting and dividing.
Spatial knowledge
Creating and building the world of imagination teaches to understand space and place. GIGI teaches to think bigger.