Cooperation with Latvia Investment and Development Agency

 22.04.2016. GIGI Bloks has signed  contract with Latvia Investment and Development Agency  to receive further support from European Regional Development Fund Nr. SKV-L-2016/101

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We Challenge You to Challenge Us + GIVEAWAY!

Are you wondering how to build a train, a volcano or an air balloon?

Challenge us - add your craziest ideas on our Facebook page wall and  participate in a raffle with a chance to win a set of 100 XXL building blocks!

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Try building a z-z-z-ZEBRA!

Is zebra white with black stripes or the other way around? This time it doesn't matter, because both - its shape and colour depends totally on your child's perspective. 

Challenge him to build a zebra and don't forget to keep an eye on it, because did you know that zebra can develop speed of 65 km/h? 

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This Week Try Building a Squirrel!

This week we challenge you to try building a squirrel!

Don't forget the big bushy tale that is not only a decoration - squirrels use it for balance! The tail helps to keep a steady pace as the squirrel leaps across treetops or does a high-wire act on telephone lines. Moreover, squirrels use their tails to protect themselves from sun rays in summer and cold in winter - the big and fuzzy tail helps to keep warm and toast, as it can be wrapped around the little body.

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 Sign Up And Get 58 Ideas to Try Building

Hooray! We have finished our first issue of GIGIpedia newsletter where we compiled 58 ideas that can be build from GIGI building blocks. Each idea has preview and the necessary number of blocks added to make it easier to bring the idea to life. Moreover, everybody can get featured in GIGIpedia by sending us a photo of their masterpiece build from GIGI Bloks.

Sign up and we will tell you more!

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Agnese Deicmane
Mom of 7 years old Alise
"GIGI Bloks we got as a present and doughter is very excited. Every single moment she is building something. Building blocks are ligt in weight, easy to play with and full of imagination."
Ieva Kauce
"In our home kids play with GIGI every day! The best about this toy is the fact that the whole family can be a part of creative process! Even our cat! I am very proud of this Latvian invention!"
Indra Everse
Mom of four kids
"I am so amazed by these big building blocks. Kids are lost in roll play for hours. At moments I see some disagreements. And I love to witness how they get to solve it through conversations!"
Amy Cosper Richtermeyer
VP, Editor-in-Chief Entrepreneur Media
"GIGI building blocks for kids are like canvas for artist. Unconditional and raedy to unliesh kids imagination!"