People behind the idea
People behind the idea

My name is Ilona Viluma. Once me and my husband Edgar fantasized about a toy we both would like to have had when we were kids. We dreamed of building blocks which would be big and allowed us to build the same structures grownups did.

Big ideas, large buildings and large toys. Along with our daughter Alice who was five when we started, we began making our first designs and experience our creative challenges. We built rabbits, desks, houses, animals and ships. I myself grew up surrounded by nature and still live on with it in my heart.

Ilona Viļuma
Chief Builder
Tel.: +371 26493784

Laura Zarina
Solution Builder
Tel.: +371 20534777

Lina Duplinska
Sales Builder
Tel.: +371 20225089

Ilva Liduma
Sales Builder
Tel.: +371 28872413

Katrina Zbanova
Community Builder

A Certified Educational Toy
International Certification from the Excellent Play organization attests that GIGI Bloks has the following play and learning values:
Personal knowledge
Playing is an act of learning. GIGI lets kids discover themselves allowing full freedom of choice.
Mathematical knowledge
We understand geometry by using figures and combining them. We learn math by adding, subtracting and dividing.
Spatial knowledge
Creating and building the world of imagination teaches to understand space and place. GIGI teaches to think bigger.

Build sturdy designs

Brilliantly engineered, these simple blocks lock in place for sturdy structures and endless fun
The unique double-wall design makes GIGI Bloks extra durable
Create windows and doors. Double blocks stick together in a sturdy way creating an effect of long blocks